[GNC-dev] running setup-mingw64.ps1

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Sun Apr 8 12:54:33 EDT 2018

> On Apr 8, 2018, at 8:10 AM, pjlbyrne <pjlbyrne at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi again,
> I tried this at home and did not get the above errors.
> I did however get problems on install, and problems after install.
> The install problems are that some package installs appear to fail eg:
> (57/97) installing texinfo
>      1 [main] pacman 4232 fork: child -1 - forked process 9808 died
> unexpectedly, retry 0, exit code 0xC0000139, errno 11
> This happened for:
> texinfo
> libidn2
> wget
> perl-libwww
> perl-Convert-BinHex
> Then I see:
> Next we'll install the HTML Help Workshop includes and libraries into our
> MinGW directory.
> /usr/bin/bash: /mingw64/bin/gendef: No such file or directory
> /usr/bin/bash: /mingw64/bin/dlltool: No such file or directory
> After install, in mingw64, this does nothing:
> patb at DESKTOP-REQM4CB MINGW64 /c/gcdev64
> $ jhbuild -f src/gnucash-on-windows.git/jhbuildrc buildrc
> Indeed, just typing 'jhbuild' or 'jhbuild --help' does nothing, which seems
> very odd to me.
> Can someone please advise?

First, open an MSYS2 shell, for this it doesn’t matter which one. In it run
  pacman -Syuu
If it tells you to quit the shell do so by clicking the red X in the window’s title bar, not by exiting bash.

Next, go back to Powershell and run setup-mingw64.ps1 again. jhbuild isn’t going to work until that completes without errors.

jhbuild is a bit odd all the way around. The documentation is at https://developer.gnome.org/jhbuild/stable/ <https://developer.gnome.org/jhbuild/stable/> and there’s some more information at https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Projects/Jhbuild <https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Projects/Jhbuild>.

“buildrc” is not a jhbuild command, you want “build”.

John Ralls

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