[GNC-dev] Proposed updates to Wiki Build#Ubuntu pages

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Thu Apr 19 11:07:25 EDT 2018

Op donderdag 19 april 2018 17:00:08 CEST schreef John Ralls:
> > On Apr 18, 2018, at 10:11 PM, DaveC49 <davidcousens at bigpond.com> wrote:
> > I would propose adding a note to the dependencies secion on the above page
> > referencing the ability to use shared libraries with v1.8.0 and
> > referencing
> > an additional wki page addressing setting up for using googlemock and
> > googletest for building GnuCash which could have a section for setting up
> > GTEST_ROOT and GMOCK_ROOT if not using shared libraries  and or v 1.7.0
> > and
> > a section on setting up shared libraries for v 1.8.0. I put a tutorial up
> > on the Linux Mint Forum for that as I found the info available on many
> > online source and forums was a) very skettchy and b) sometimes confusing
> > or misleading which i could either reference or just incorporate
> > directly.
> That seems rather excessive when all one need do if googletest isn’t
> provided by one’s distro is git clone
> https://github.com/googletest/googletest
> <https://github.com/googletest/googletest> and then pass two parameters to
> cmake when configuring GnuCash.

I agree it doesn't need a separate page. A simple note on the building page 
would do.

> > I also propose putting a note re removing previous libraries. I had relied
> > on a Linux Mint menu uninstall option which worked with the distro
> > installed version but not with 2.6.19 which i had built. Another
> > possibility is to reference a page with instructions on how to remove
> > files relative to the install prefix.
> Because
>   make uninstall (autotools)
> or
>   xargs rm < install_manifest.txt (cmake)
> is too esoteric to expect that people building their own package to know
> already?

Not every one does builds on a daily basis. I think a note on the building 
wiki page is useful. It doesn't take that much space.

> > The third proposal  would be to have some explanatory notes, possibly with
> > some examples, on the positioning of the build directory relative to the
> > source directory. My experience with this is that unlike the documentation
> > build, there does not appear to be a need to have the build directory
> > outside the source directory. This could either go on the Cmake page
> > https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/CMake <https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/CMake>
> I’ve rewritten this bit in a way similar to my rewrite in README. Where you
> but the build directory is completely up to you, but specifying a
> particular layout seemed to cause trouble for some people.
> > If you are happy with the above proposals or can suggest other approaches,
> > I am willing to have a go at editing the Wiki if I can be granted the
> > appropriate permissions to edit the pages and create the requisite new
> > pages.
> You can certainly have permission to edit the wiki. Just request a login and
> say who you are on the form.

Ditto. Looking forward to your contributions!


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