[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3.0 wine versus Windoze 10

jeffrey black beastmaster126 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 19 16:02:15 EDT 2018

On 04/19/2018 02:38 AM, DaveC49 wrote:
> Jeffrey,
> There should be no significant difference in building Gnucash 3.0 on Ubuntu
> Xenial from Linux Mint 18.3 which I have just finished doing, if you need
> some guidance in doing that. I have proposed a rewrite of the Wiki page to
> the developers to try and make the build instructions a bit more
> straightforward and a bit more comprehensive. I used the latest version of
> googletest v 1.8.0 from github. Unlike the previous versions it can be
> readily installed as shared libraries. I can send instructions for setting
> that up if you wish. At present using shared libraries requires a patch to
> some of the CMake files to detect the shared googletest libraries which
> isn't to my knowledge yet in the stable branch at this stage, but I can send
> you already patched versions to just insert into the v3.0 download over the
> previous versions. The only build problems I had were ensuring that the
> previous build libraries, include files etc had been removed and correctly
> addressing the correct toplevel CmakeLists.txt file from the Cmake file (my
> own lack of understanding of CMake when I started).
> As far as I know the main datafile structure has not changed and it is only
> the user preference files which changed from V2.6.19 to v3.0 so if you are
> running different versions on different machines, they should transfer OK.
> The only problem would be if v3.0, in new features, added new information
> that v 2.6.19 was unable to interpret.
> David Cousens
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I am willing to give it a shot.  Being able to do a native build of my 
own would give me greater insight into how all of the files are tied 
together, and possibly give me a chance to use newer versions sooner.  
Once all of my computer issues are corrected I will probably switch to 
Mint but; right now Ubuntu is up and running, allowing me to access my 
crashed Windoze server, non-propriety data only.  And I now have file 
sharing with my laptop.  I do not want to risk breaking this system any 
further right now, until I can get the Windoze server to boot again.

The build documentation was more than a little confusing in places, for 
a nooby trying to do his first build.  There are directions and examples 
that literally did not make sense, unless you are fully familiar with 
doing a build.  Instead of doing a parallel processing build, I felt 
like I was doing a parallel read of documentation and the reads were out 
of sync.

And cmake is entirely new to me.  It kept throwing error messages, some 
of which I managed to find and correct, finally I gave up.  30 years ago 
I swallowed new programming languages like jellybeans, today it takes a 
manual and 3 sledge hammers.

--JEffrey Black M.B.A.

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