[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3.0 : how to extend the selection of predefined actions on a split

Paul Dest paul.dest at web.de
Sun Apr 29 12:44:26 EDT 2018


I want to add own entries (e.g. "Paul") to the selection of predefined
actions ("Increase", "Decrease", "Sell", "Buy" etc.) on a transaction split.
(Rationale: I want to use the action as an additional select criterium
for reports. Like the classes feature in Quicken; I mean not categories
but classes - I'm aware that the Quicken's categories correspond to
accounts in the double-accounting system.)

After reviewing all configuration files, it seems to me that the
predefined actions cannot be added to GnuCash after a build. Is that

If yes, then I have to make appropriate changes in code and rebuild
GnuCash. A rebuld after additions in .po-files only seems not to have
the desired effect.
Could you please give an advice which files need to be edited for this

Thanks in advance,

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