[GNC-dev] avoid the brain dead import

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 25 00:40:43 EDT 2018

in case it is appropriate to your import, don't allow it to check every 
transaction in your existing file against the one you want to import and 
know is unique [1]

[1] who thought that was a good idea anyway ?

redefine your import as a multi=split, then it doesn't seem to do the 
zombie behavior.

results here?

12 line import as singles?  45 minutes

same tx as multi-split? as fast as I can press the buttons

why are imported tx being checked against the existing ones in the first 
place?  shouldn't a person know if they are introducing new tx to their 
file?  are we really presuming *all* our users are so dumb they just 
keep on importing the same tx over and over again ?

'kin hell, not a good view of the import writer about the presumed 
importer, I mean if they are so fucking stupid you'd be surprised they 
manage accounting at all

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