[GNC-dev] translation of new register helper panels

Alain Sanguinetti alain at sanguinetti.eu
Sat Aug 25 08:02:22 EDT 2018


Thanks for your input.

So what's happening is that PoEdit doesn't process correctly the strings 
starting with an empty line ""

By removing the empty "" they are displayed correctly in PoEdit, 
otherwise i just an't seem to find them in the interface.

I don't know why i couldn't find the strings in the po files, maybe a 
settings of the search.

How do you advise me to handle this problem? Is this something related 
to PoEdit ?

Best regards,

Alain Sanguinetti

On 8/18/18 12:57 AM, Frank H. Ellenberger wrote:
> Hello Alain,
> Am 17.08.2018 um 22:35 schrieb Alain Sanguinetti:
>> Hello,
>> I'm getting started, as of today, in helping translating to French.
>> I tried to round up the translation of the initial new file helper but I
>> can't seem to find the strings corresponding to the 4th and 5th panels.
>> I generated the pot and merged with the existing fr.po but they don't
>> seem to be anywhere :/
>> If i don't find them in fr.po, where are they ?
>> Thanks,
> You checked out the maint branch of Gnucash?
> In the directory po, not po/glossary,
> the file fr.po as it is currently on github
> has starting in line 7773 the section:
> #: ../gnucash/gnome/gtkbuilder/assistant-hierarchy.glade.h:10
> #, fuzzy
> msgid ""
> "\n"
> "Select categories that correspond to the ways that you foresee you will
> use "
> "GnuCash. Each category you select will cause several accounts to be"
> "created.\n"
> "\n"
> "<b>Note:</b> the selection you make here is only the starting point for
> your "
> "personalized account hierarchy. Accounts can be added, renamed, moved, or"
> "deleted by hand later at any time."
> msgstr ""
> "\n"
> "Sélectionnez les catégories correspondantes à votre utilisation de
> GnuCash. "
> "Chaque catégorie sélectionnée entrainera la création de plusieurs
> comptes. "
> "Choisissez les catégories vous concernant. Vous pourrez toujours créer
> des "
> "comptes supplémentaires manuellement plus tard."
> The fuzzy flag says the msgid changed after the msgstr was last edited.
> So you should compare the msgstr with the new msgid and after updating
> the msgstr remove the "#, fuzzy" line to reenable the translation.
> Page 5 begins in line 7819.
> Because you have run make pot;msgmerge ...
> The line number in your version might be slightly different, but you can
> either search the file for the english text (=msgid) or the source,
> here: assistant-hierarchy.glade.
> I would be interested to read, what went wrong in your case.
> Frank
Alain Sanguinetti

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