Future allocated money, aka Envelope Budgeting

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 8 14:40:40 EST 2018

On 07/02/2018 09:45, Alen Siljak wrote:
>     He he
>     Thanks a lot for the tips. I'm in touch with Sebastien in order to
>     polish the ledger export script. It is available either directly
>     (pc-export has been renamed to export.py) or through piecash cli
>     ("piecash ledger" is the command if I remember well).
>     Hopefully over the weekend I'll have some more time to play around with
>     the whole process:
>     gnucash -> sqlite db -> piecash export -> ledger data -> ledger or
>     beancount -> fava or custom web interface

beancount has a sort of sql of its own.  I'll say no more since I 
suggested the idea *after* my sql balance sheet, etc appeared here and ...

in  general many people are more casual about how exactly you store your 
plain text accounting data and consider an almost readable format (XML) 
or open db (all available gnc backends) as good as.

>     I did not notice if asset allocation is available through Fava. Either
>     way, I need to investigate that into more detail and see if I can get
>     something similar to the view I already created in Gnucash Portfolio.
>     I'm hoping it would be easier to contribute to an existing project than
>     write and maintain the whole thing from scratch.
I'll be interested to see how you get on.  I'm not sure how far you want 
to go with the portfolio ideas.

>     There is also another Python export script at
>     https://github.com/MatzeB/pygnucash. I hope to combine the wisdom from
>     both of these.

I had to re-write a bit of that IIRC so you are probably better working 
with Sebastien.

>     Is anyone aware of how close Beancount is to Ledger in terms of
>     functionality?

they are diverging rather than converging, beancount is more actively 
developed in functionality terms.  perhaps more to the point, beancount 
is (almost) all python so appears to fit with 
http://portfolio.alensiljak.tk/ better in a family sense.

the reason I chose ledger is that it is less strict than beancount and 
suits my approach of blackboxing p2p transactions, doing asset 
allocation a few times a year, etc.  I am not keeping anything in 
ledger, I write a new file every time and just use ledger as a reporting 
/ analysis tool.

>     Also, apologies if this is spamming the devel list. Let me know if
>     discussing related projects is/not ok for this list.

I think we are almost done, I can't see the portfolio issue producing 
many more postings.

for lists / newsgroups both of these are active


including contributions from devs, very frequent in the case of beancount


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