Future allocated money, aka Envelope Budgeting

Alen Siljak alen.siljak at gmx.com
Wed Feb 7 04:45:38 EST 2018

   He he

   Thanks a lot for the tips. I'm in touch with Sebastien in order to
   polish the ledger export script. It is available either directly
   (pc-export has been renamed to export.py) or through piecash cli
   ("piecash ledger" is the command if I remember well).
   Hopefully over the weekend I'll have some more time to play around with
   the whole process:

   gnucash -> sqlite db -> piecash export -> ledger data -> ledger or
   beancount -> fava or custom web interface

   I did not notice if asset allocation is available through Fava. Either
   way, I need to investigate that into more detail and see if I can get
   something similar to the view I already created in Gnucash Portfolio.
   I'm hoping it would be easier to contribute to an existing project than
   write and maintain the whole thing from scratch.

   There is also another Python export script at
   https://github.com/MatzeB/pygnucash. I hope to combine the wisdom from
   both of these.

   Is anyone aware of how close Beancount is to Ledger in terms of

   Also, apologies if this is spamming the devel list. Let me know if
   discussing related projects is/not ok for this list.


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   P.S. I've just noticed MisterY already knows about piecash, silly me :)

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