In the continuing saga

R. Victor Klassen rvklassen at
Thu Feb 15 14:36:03 EST 2018

So I was unable to get back to this for awhile, but I have now got much closer.

	I think the problem I was having earlier was that it was finding remnants from the stable build.  Not totally sure, but that’s my best guess.   I cleaned out everything to little more than a bare account, and started over.   

I did have to manually install a few dependencies:
	libpng was required by cairo
	gtk-doc was required by tango
	libtifff was required by gdkpixbuf

These I installed by running jhbuild in a different window and then re-running the complaining packages.

Getttext took quite some time to get over.  For some reason it didn’t seem to matter how I configured the path, it still insisted on finding getttext in /usr/bin so I finally installed a newer version in /usr/bin and all was well.  

As for boost, I followed the instructions about doing it manually in a subshell but got an error about requiring a 64 bit instruction when compiling 32 bit.  So I changed the 32 to a 64 in the ./b2 line, and it compiled all right and built.  But…

When I exited the subshell and hit 2 twice (not three times) jhbuild exited.

choice: 2
*** Building boost *** [57/65]
make -j 5 
make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.
*** Error during phase build of boost: ########## Error running make -j 5  *** [57/65]

  [1] Rerun phase build
  [2] Ignore error and continue to install
  [3] Give up on module
  [4] Start shell
  [5] Reload configuration
  [6] Go to phase "wipe directory and start over"
  [7] Go to phase "configure"
  [8] Go to phase "clean"
  [9] Go to phase "distclean"
choice: 2
*** Installing boost *** [57/65]
make DESTDIR=/Users/gnucashdev/gnucash-unstable/_jhbuild/root-boost install
make: Nothing to be done for `install'.
W: Ignoring uninstalled package: boost
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/.local/bin/jhbuild", line 32, in <module>
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/", line 155, in main
    rc =, config, args, help=lambda: print_help(parser))
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/commands/", line 183, in run
    return cmd.execute(config, args, help)
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/commands/", line 52, in execute
    return, options, args, help)
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/commands/", line 268, in run
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/frontends/", line 163, in build
    error, altphases = module.run_phase(self, phase)
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/modtypes/", line 420, in run_phase
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/modtypes/", line 314, in do_install
    self.process_install(buildscript, self.get_revision())
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/modtypes/", line 316, in process_install
    new_contents = fileutils.accumulate_dirtree_contents(destdir_prefix)
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/utils/", line 45, in accumulate_dirtree_contents
    _accumulate_dirtree_contents_recurse(path, contents)
  File "/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/jhbuild/utils/", line 27, in _accumulate_dirtree_contents_recurse
    names = os.listdir(path)
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/Users/gnucashdev/gnucash-unstable/_jhbuild/root-boost/Users/gnucashdev/gnucash-unstable’

It looks like it has the path wrong, but I’m not sure what’s up.

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