Scope of GNUCash

Wm wm_o_o_o at
Tue Feb 27 07:02:12 EST 2018

On 16/02/2018 16:19, David Carlson wrote:
> Wm, this is a GnuCash miallist, not a political forum. If there was any
> useful information in that last spate, I didn't even see it.
> Liz, you have my permission to cut him off again.
> David C

I presume you do know Liz isn't american ?

The sensible response is to curtail David C and to keep on topping and 
tailing people like myself *and* him until there is no-one left.

The point being that if you keep on doing it there won't be anyone left.

Is there no-one with a sense of responsibility here any more?

I simply do not trust Liz as an arbitrator of a good post versus a bad one.

Yes, I am aware this might be shooting the messenger, but I am doing it 
in public and hoping to clear the air, because if David Carlson has been 
kissing someone else's rectal opening I'd hope they'd all be open about it.


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