Scope of GNUCash

Wm wm_o_o_o at
Fri Feb 16 09:45:54 EST 2018

On 14/02/2018 15:12, Mike or Penny Novack wrote:
>>> 😊 I think I would love to sit down in a pub with the three of you 
>>> (Wm, Adrien, and Mike). I think we could have such awesome 
>>> semi-drunken discussions about the nature of life, the universe and 
>>> everything!
>> I'm in London. Mike is in a Trump voting bit of Merka. Don't know 
>> where Adrien is and he shouldn't have to say.

>   I am NOT in a "Trump voting bit of Merka". 

But it worked to draw you out.

 > Not only in one of the
> "bluest" of the blue states but in a county of that state where on 
> primary election day Bernie had an absolute majority of all votes cast 
> (for all candidates in all parties). Here, people organized FCCPR 
> (Franklin County Continuing the Political Revolution) BEFORE the general 
> election. Not to oppose Trump (didn't know/expect he would win) but 
> intended to try to keep Hilary's feet to the fire on the program. Of 
> course the focus of FCCPR is now different.

My apology.  Your conservatism and mine differ.

I just think that after Haiti most people that work for non-profits 
should be checking expenses.  I'm lucky, I keep my accounts in gnc.


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