Issue when importing QIF file with splits

jeffrey black beastmaster126 at
Tue Jan 2 19:05:13 EST 2018

On 1/1/2018 7:31 PM, Edward Bridges wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to import a QIF file with splits, but the splits are being created in an unexpected way.
> Here is an example of the QIF file that I'm trying to import (these are being generated to create splits, so I have control over their format).
> ```
> !Account
> NAssets:Current Assets:Checking Account
> TBank
> ^
> !Type:Bank
> C
> D12/15/2008
> NN/A
> PSample Income (Imported)
> T100.00
> LIncome
> SAssets:Budgeted Cash
> $-50.00
> SBudget:Food
> $50.00
> ^
> ```
> This is what I'm hoping to get as a result of the import (screenshot is available at the link):
> However when the above QIF file is imported, I'm getting the following:
> The problem I'm seeing is that the $100 is not being debited from the Checking Account and credited to Income.
> I expected that additional split to be created because the record is in the context of the checking account (given the `N` field on line 2) and the transaction is categorized as "Income" (via the `L` field on line 11).
> Please help me to understand what I'm doing wrong to make this import as I expect.
> Thanks!
> Ed
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It's been a while since I manually worked the QIF format but; you are 
not doing all of your splits.

Qif files are a little finicky about the order of the fields too.  I am 
not sure if the qif importer recognizes the "T" entries.

The brackets { } are just my suggestions for change, not in the actual 
import file.

NAssets:Current Assets:Checking Account
TBank                      {none of my qif files use the "T" line, optional? }
PSample Income (Imported)   {I use "M" instead of "P" }
T100.00                     {none of my qif files use the "T" line, optional }
SAssets:Budgeted Cash
    { add the income split, I may have +- sign backwards, it's been a long day }

--JEffrey Black M.B.A.

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