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Wed Jan 10 09:34:35 EST 2018

> On Jan 10, 2018, at 4:43 AM, Alen Siljak <alen.siljak at> wrote:
>   In my quest to call GnuCash functions from Python (or C#), I ran across
>   Boost.Python
>   (
>   What are the chances that this would work with GnuCash .dlls on
>   Windows? Has anyone had any experience and willing to share?
>   To me it currently looks like an interesting field to explore.
>   A mini project to use this on would be an enhancement of the scheduled
>   transactions management, for which I've submitted a few feature
>   requests.
>   Access to basic functions for listing and creation of records would be
>   enough to build additional functions for displaying the transactions in
>   range, changing states, etc.
>   I'm currently focusing on using a Web interface through Flask.
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We use SWIG, which does the same thing as Boost::Python and has the advantage of supporting Guile (and a bunch of other languages) as well.

If you need more of the API wrapped for Python it’s mostly a matter of adding Python definitions to the existing *.i files.

C# should be able to link the dlls directly.

John Ralls

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