cicko alen.siljak at
Thu Jan 11 04:03:21 EST 2018

At least a limited one. I've assembled a small demo - retrieving the GnuCash
version from core-utilities.

Some more prototyping needed, mostly in mapping the unmanaged types to

I'll try this approach first, before setting up a whole dev environment on
Linux, building the custom version of GnuCash, etc. I'd rather focus on the
higher-level functionality for the moment, relying on production GnuCash
My goal is to have a few working tools, like upcoming transactions reminder.

Last weekend I've set up a Raspberry Pi server. Now I'm thinking this could
be my reminder provider, having a synchronized copy of GnuCash db, or
something like that. A mobile app could read/cache the reminders. 

Even better, I could try to publish the reminders as an .ics and have them
as an additional calendar on the phone.

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