Alen Siljak alen.siljak at
Thu Jan 11 04:30:19 EST 2018

   From my limited knowledge of Python, this sounds like something that
   could be mitigated by a virtual environment, perhaps?

   In that case, there could be the "officially-supported" version of
   Python so an advanced user would have to set up the virtual environment
   with that version, etc. etc.

   Do you think this would be an option?

   Currently I'll dig a bit into the c# option but would still somehow
   prefer to work in Python, if/when possible.


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   From: "John Ralls" <jralls at>
   To: cicko <alen.siljak at>
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   Subject: Re: Boost/Python
   The bindings may work on Windows. They do work on MacOS, but we don’t
   include them in either AIO because they need to link libpython and so
   will work with only a single python version. <snip> Since the
   interpreter and the GnuCash bindings have to link the same libpython
   that creates a problem for an AIO.

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