Building on MacOS - jhbuild difficulty

R. Victor Klassen rvklassen at
Thu Jan 18 16:26:58 EST 2018

After a few years of being too busy to try working on the code base, I thought I’d make another attempt at installing a development  version of GnuCash.  Following the instructions on <>, I began by creating a new user, to be certain the environment wasn’t polluted by my previous attempt.

I was successful in downloading

I then ran it from the command line, and after a half-dozen or so tries, succeeded.   (prior attempts hung at 9% or less complete - I presume this is temporary).  

There were three warnings:

WARNING: aclocal not available (usually part of package 'autoconf')
WARNING: automake not available (usually part of package 'automake')
WARNING: yelp-tools not available (usually part of package 'yelp-tools')
Configuring jhbuild without autotools

Are these a problem?

I then pulled down <>

At this point I attempted to uncomment the line 

skip.remove( “bash” ) 

But it wasn’t in there.   So I added it, and when I attempted to run jhbuild it complained.  So I removed the line.  Is this it no longer a relevant instruction?

I then attempted to run 

jhbuild build openssl 

Which yielded the response:

jhbuild build: failed to parse /Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/modulesets/http:/ <> [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/Users/gnucashdev/Source/jhbuild/modulesets/http:/' <'>

At which point I am not sure how to proceed.  In particular. I’m not even sure whether this should go to gnucash-devel or gtx-osx-devel

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