gnucash 2.6.19 dutch translation [and all others]

Paul de Vries at
Fri Jan 19 10:51:09 EST 2018

> On 19 Jan 2018, at 03:22, Frank H. Ellenberger <frank.h.ellenberger at> wrote:
> Am 19.01.2018 um 02:27 schrieb Paul de Vries:
>> On 19 Jan 2018, at 01:47, John Ralls <jralls at> wrote:
>>> On Jan 18, 2018, at 11:34 AM, Paul de Vries < at> wrote:
>>>> (...)
> You were digging at the wrong place. Marks nl.po was already fine, but
> the report just ignored the translation of the last 4 entries.
> (...)
> Please download a new version of the report
> and test it in al possible ways. Save the report option, start gnucash
> in a different language, overwrite them, switch back...
> I did it only between de, en and nl.

I should have noticed the difference (not the meaning) between '_' and 'N'.

Thank you for your fast solution. I tried it at 03:59 AM, it worked fine for me in dutch and english, but I had to go to sleep before continuing.

I don't understand your test request: how can I save a report option? I can save a report but that doesn't save the option values too. So for permanently changing the option values I see no other solution than changing the .po, generating the .mo, and copy that into gnucash.


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