Build issues and some free testing

John Ralls jralls at
Tue Jan 23 19:16:35 EST 2018

> On Jan 22, 2018, at 6:56 PM, Robert Merkel <robert.merkel at> wrote:
> Hello all.
> If you dig far enough into the mailing list archives or the changelogs, you
> might find me :)
> I spoke to Christopher Lam recently, who told me about the work he's been
> doing on the transaction report which I worked on many many years ago.
> These days, my day job is teaching students about software engineering and,
> this upcoming semester, I'm teaching a unit on testing and quality
> assurance.  For one of the assignments, we need some software for students
> to test, and I thought I might get them to test Gnucash.
> So, for the first time for quite a while, I have tried to download and
> build gnucash from the git repository using cmake.  I've found the
> following build issues:
> * The build process requires xsltproc and makeinfo, which are not mentioned
> in the dependency list and cmake doesn't seem to check for them.
> * The build failed on my Ubuntu machine with the stock version of
> libwebkit2-gtk available on that distribution (2.4.11).  It appears that
> Gnucash requires version
> 2.6 of this library, as "WebKitNavigationAction" was apparently added in
> version 2.6.  Again, the minimum version isn't listed and cmake doesn't
> have a check for it.

Hi, Robert. 

Welcome back! Chris mentioned his meeting with you on IRC.

Thanks for bringing those to our attention. I've pushed a fix. 

You will need to install xsltproc. In some distros it's part of the libxslt package, which may be why it wasn't mentioned separately in README.dependencies. You won't need makeinfo, I've made that optional. It's only for an obsolete design information document that is now mostly superseded by Doxygen comments.

The webkit2gtk-3.0 package provided by Ubuntu 14.04LTS is fine, and CMake did correctly detect it and set the compile accordingly--the first time through. If you then subsequently ran cmake again it would see that WEBKIT_FOUND was true and set up for the preferred webkit2gtk-4.0. I've corrected that by having separate WEBKIT2_3_FOUND and WEBKIT2_4_FOUND variables.

John Ralls

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