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> I am editing the various wiki pages that address using git (mostly, "Git" and "Git for Newbies"), and I noted that on the Git page, it talks about connecting to The newbie page, however talks solely about connecting through github. My question is this: aside from the core developers, is anyone supposed to work directly with Should it even be mentioned on the Git instruction pages, or should that be put into some other page? My sense is that non-committing (noncommittal?) contributors are only going to use github. Am I wrong in this assumption?


Yes, only core developers have the ssh keys neededto access <>. Since not all of the core developers are active enough to be really proficient we do need a place to put the procedure for them, but if there’s a way to hide it from everyone else I guess that’d be OK.

While git is older than GitHub, it isn’t by much and both predate GnuCash’s adoption of git and the Git wiki page by many years. But when the Git page was first written the primary audience was very much the core developers most of whom were using git for the first time after many years of using subversion. That’s what’s changed.

If one has an ssh key for code it doesn’t matter much which one pulls from. The important thing is to never push to GitHub or use its automatic merge tools because code can sync *to* GitHub but can’t sync from it.

John Ralls

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