Running 2 versions of GnuCash

David Carlson david.carlson.417 at
Sat Jan 27 13:54:54 EST 2018


As you see in the thread about reports being slow to open I am switching
between release 2.6.18-3 and release 2.7.3 on a Windows computer.  That is
not the same as doing it in Linux.

My experience in Windows is that I am using the Windows Installer to do
complete replacements so the process is very tedious.  I also noticed that
installing 2.7.3 broke the F::Q stock price retrieval for 2.7.3 and
re-installing 2.6.18-3 did not fix it until I manually re-inserted my Alpha
Vantage key into the environment file.

I used test copies of my data file so that I had my intact data file to
return  to after testing.  I had to be very careful about which copy I was
opening because all the files have the same name to test the process of
opening many tabs and reports.  The first time release 2.7.3 touches an
existing file it performs some conversion steps on the file and on the way
certain program settings are stored, so I initially had to open the data
file twice and it changed size a tad in the process, although there were no
changes to content beyond 1 date change to trigger an uncompressed file

Release 2.7.3 looks very nice in Windows except in my case the font size
grew so that I could no longer see as much text in the descriptions and
memos.  It does not load help files yet, and it has several rough edges to
clean up before being called  production release.

Back to the slow to load title of that thread:  I was not able to test the
exact problem of having an additional period during loading where windows
reported that the program was not responding, other than the fact that I
did not notice that during my tests of either release.  I conjecture that
my particular data file does not trigger that issue, or I was too focussed
on other parts of the test to notice it..  My tests were not carefully

David C

On Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 11:54 AM, Nikos Charonitakis <nikosx at>

> Hello all
> For testing reasons i want to run 2.7.3 I compiled and install it in
> my fedora 27 laptop where i regularly use the stable version. I
> installed 2.7.3 in my home directory ~/gnucash/unstable  but I
> hesitate to run it, i am afraid messing anything with my stable
> version (.gnucash in home dir). So what to do? run it? anything to
> watch?
> Thanks in advance
> Nikos
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