Building unstable on Mac

R. Victor Klassen rvklassen at
Mon Jan 29 18:33:22 EST 2018

So, the wiki is less than clear on how to do this.

First I tried going through the instructions under Building for Development beginning with

jhbuild shell
cd $PREFIX/../src/gnucash-2.6.17
But it turned out that there was no path with the prefix $PREFIX/../src

No src directory had yet been created under $PREFIX - this is a clean user account, with most of an attempt at building stable as the only thing in it.

So I skipped the uninstall, and made a guess as to where I was supposed to go with the cd ..

Then I ran

git clone -b maint
Nearly giving up after a dozen or so failures to get the whole thing in one gulp.  Early morning seems best.

When I tried the && configure, it became clear that many dependencies weren’t in place.
Many of the early dependencies complained about were to be found in my gnucash-stable tree, and as they were external tools I just linked them to the corresponding location, which got me somewhat further, but not everything was found still.

So I skipped to “Building Unstable Versions” and did the commenting and uncommenting recommended. 

I did a 

Jhbuild bootstrap

And then jhbuild build.

Which complained:

jhbuild build: A module called ''meta-gnucash-unstable'' could not be found.

At this point I tried 

$ jhbuild shell
$ echo $PREFIX
$ cd $PREFIX/gnucash

$ ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX --enable-ofx --enable-aqbanking --enable-binreloc --enable-dbi --with-dbi-dbd-dir=$PREFIX/lib/dbd

This worked for awhile, but then I got a configure error:

configure: error: 
    You are building from git but swig was not found or too old.
    To build gnucash you need at least swig version 2.0.10.

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