[GNC-dev] Bug with 3.1 version on windows 10 qif import?

jeffrey black beastmaster126 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 14 00:10:13 EDT 2018

I have been out of the loop for several days.  Lightning took out DSL 
filter, modem and Ethernet port.  Temporarily have internet now part of 
the time.

Just did a qif import into GnuCash 3.1 build 3.0-118-gd2ef5fd0f+ 
(2018-04-28), Windoze 10 - 1709.  The window to cancel or import was so 
large it would not fit on the screen.  Finally managed to get the window 
to move just enough to see the top of the cancel and import buttons, 
only because I know which is which (import successful).

My internet connection is sketchy at best right now.  Should I try to 
report this to bugzilla, or rather one of you until I get a reliable 
internet connection back ?

--JEffrey Black M.B.A.

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