[GNC-dev] BZ: Migration Status (2018-06-15) -- Final Testing

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Jun 15 17:18:05 EDT 2018

Hi Everyone,

I've been working on the BZ migration and finished yet another migration
test.  At this point I *THINK* we've got everything the way we want in
preparation for our final migration.

Please take a look at https://bugs.gnucash.org/

Peruse the bug list.  Check it out.  See if there are any problems.
Also check out the wiki page for other notes and status:

1) All users have accounts in the database, but you will need to reset
   your password in order to access it.
2) The database will be blown away when we perform the final migration,
   so you will need to reset your password again when we do the final
3) Bug creation will not work, so don't try.
4) I have not migrated any GnomeBZ extensions -- we can always add those
   later (e.g. their browse page).

Final migration is planned for the week of June 25.

Please let me know if you find any issues!


       Derek Atkins, SB '93 MIT EE, SM '95 MIT Media Laboratory
       Member, MIT Student Information Processing Board  (SIPB)
       URL: http://web.mit.edu/warlord/    PP-ASEL-IA     N1NWH
       warlord at MIT.EDU                        PGP key available

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