[GNC-dev] Wanted - translators

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Sat Jun 30 10:31:53 EDT 2018

Hi all,

A few months back we reached a major milestone for the gnucash project. We 
released gnucash 3.0 which marked the first release in a new stable series.

It came with plenty of new features such as a much improved transaction report 
and several other new reports, a better csv importer, fine-grained control 
over import maps, integrated support for Alpha Vantage quotes retrieval, 
support for higher precision numbers, a renewed GUI, and so on.

Unfortunately the first few releases had some rough edges preventing many 
users from switching easily. With the release of gnucash 3.2 a few weeks back 
I dare say many of these wrinkles have been ironed out (admittedly not all of 

All these improvements also come with new text messages and other strings, 
many of which currently only exist in English. This is fine for people that 
fluently speak English but it also excludes many people from fully benefiting 
from our fine application. Having these messages translated in the native 
languages of our users would greatly improve the user experience of many 

So with this I'm sending out another request for volunteers to help in this 
area. A few languages are in pretty good shape, but others start to run 

If you think you can lend us a hand here, please contact us via the mailing 
lists or irc and we'll work out together what needs to be done and what you 
can do.

I expect to be flooded with replies, ok ? ;-)

Thanks in advance in name of the whole gnucash community,

Geert Janssens
GnuCash Developer

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