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Sat Mar 3 06:41:11 EST 2018

On 16/02/2018 10:57, David Carlson wrote:

> As another user with a lot of stock trades, I sometimes use that report to
> find an issue, although I have developed a process involving outside
> spreadsheets to calculate realized gains per security account as GnuCash
> calculates them and net gains as the IRS wants them, so I rarely need the
> report now.  The last time that I used the report I found that when I had a
> security account with not-so-simple combinations of lots being traded or
> when I had an account involving reinvested dividends it was still
> problematic whether I actually matched and resolved all the gains
> correctly.  I deliberately avoided going down the Trading Accounts rabbit
> hole at that time, but it may be worthwhile to give that a fresh look.

I know you may hate me but I find trading accounts essential to my 
understanding of the value of stuff I have.  I commend it to you, if 
only in a test book so you can realise how much of a dickhead Trump is 
with his USA vs Canada metal announcements today.

> Today I am using Windows GnuCash release 2.6.18, and I found that the
> report has changed since sometime in the early 2.6 series when I last used
> it.  For all I know, it may be different again in release 2.6.19 and in
> 2.7/3.0 coming out soon.


> Having given you my perspective, I did notice that the report currently
> uses the 'nearest in time' estimate of the date to use when extracting
> values from the currency and commodity tables.  That estimate is a poor
> method to use in my opinion because that often points to a future date when
> there is no value for the target date.

That is stupid.  There cannot be a "nearest in time" in the future 
unless someone enters it manually and no sensible person does that. Or 
did you enter a future date, perhaps ?

FFS, Carlson, stop saying stupid things in public!

> This happens frequently when target
> dates fall on weekends or holidays.

Please *STOP* saying things that aren't true!

 >  It is possible that Adrien's residual
> imbalance may be at least exacerbated by this point.

Nope, nearest in time is the most accurate way of arriving at the value 
of something.  Because gnc is not intended for trading a day or two 
before or after doesn't matter.

> Also, I want to thank David T for noticing that in my earlier comments I
> was referring to the unrealized gain imbalance value that this report
> produces rather than the Imbalance accounts that get created when
> individual transactions are incomplete as sometimes happens in transaction
> imports.  That difference is critical to this discussion.  I did fail to
> make that point clear then.
> For completeness I should also mention that there are other parameters or
> variables available to adjust in this report which may or may not result in
> differences in the final values reported by a certain instance of the
> report operating on a certain set of data.
> There is an option section on adjusting entries and closing entries.  How
> does the report identify these?  There are three report variations under
> the general tab and there is a whole new section on merchandising that
> could impact a report in an undesired way for users that accidentally
> format some data incorrectly.  There is no help to let the user ascertain
> how or if these things affect him.
> I will stop here.

That is probably best as you clearly don't know what you are talking about.

Have you considered trying the user list instead?


never vote for someone that thinks arming teachers is a good response to 
ex-pupils shooting teachers and pupils ... unless you voted for the 
fuckwit in the first place in which case, hey, lets kill some more 
children in an interesting and unique NRA USA way.

The NRA *LOVES* dead kids, remember!

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