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I think having nearest in time use future dates relative to the report date is not useful. Mind you, matching a broker statement for value (as opposed to holdings) is perhaps equally not useful.

I guess I could see a point to a nearest in time using later dates (for example, when the date history is sparse, and the only earlier date is much earlier). But perhaps your suggestion of a separate setting would solve the dilemma.


On March 3, 2018, at 11:00 PM, Geert Janssens <geert.gnucash at> wrote:

Op zaterdag 3 maart 2018 16:35:27 CET schreef David Carlson:
> On January 30, 2015 I reported
> pointing out this
> behavior in Gnucash suggesting that the nearest in time criterion should
> not select future dates.  That bug report applied to release 2.6.5 and as
> of today it still has a status of "New"  If this criterion with it's
> current behavior is the desired behavior, I assert that there should be
> another criterion "last price on or before" so users can make their GnuCash
> year end reports match their brokers statements without fudging prices in
> their data files.
I think having the extra option would be useful and less confusing than having 
"Nearest in time" only look backwards.


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