trial balance - how to find mismatch question

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Mon Mar 5 17:08:12 EST 2018

On 03/03/2018 18:52, D via gnucash-devel wrote:

> I think having nearest in time use future dates relative to the report date is not useful. Mind you, matching a broker statement for value (as opposed to holdings) is perhaps equally not useful.
> I guess I could see a point to a nearest in time using later dates (for example, when the date history is sparse, and the only earlier date is much earlier). But perhaps your suggestion of a separate setting would solve the dilemma.

Where the heck do you get future prices from ?

Seriously.  This is valuable information.  I want to know how you know.

In any event, why aren't you telling gnc what it needs to know so it can 
multiply some numbers together?

It is a *person* that says what a commodity was worth on a date not gnc 
after all.


never vote for a man that doesn't understand that imposing a tax on 
metal mauy work in the inverse to what he expects. duh

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