Feedback about 2.7.8

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at
Wed Mar 28 11:24:22 EDT 2018

Op woensdag 28 maart 2018 15:46:26 CEST schreef Christoph R:
> Hi,
> since 2.7.8 is deemed a release candidate I am giving it a try on MacOS High
> Sierra.
> here is my feedback so far:

Thanks for your feedback.

> It choked on one of my files, which worked fine with 2.6 and was probably
> created with 2.4 or even earlier.  There was an out-of range date in the
> price database which I corrected manually. But normal users would have been
> lost.
What was the date set to before you corrected it ? And how does it display in 
gnucash 2.6 if you look at that particular price in the Price editor ?

> adding “EXTRA_ARGS=--nofile” to Library/Application\
> Support/Gnucash/gnucashrc does not have any effect any more.

I never heard of a gnucashrc file. Perhaps that is/was an OS X/Quarz specific 
extension ? The loading code on OS X has been aligned with Windows and Linux 
in this development cycle, so perhaps it got lost in that work.

> Normal
> accounting with aqbanking and trading accounts seems to work fine. My
> reports are fine.

Nice :)

> Finally I can change unreconciled splits in a transaction
> with reconciled splits again.


> Changing account or value of a reconciled
> split gives me the correct warning as needed. Yeah! But I can change the
> description of a reconciled split without a warning.

Hmm, a split doesn't have a description, only a memo. Do you mean you get no 
warning when changing the memo ? Or do you mean you can change the transaction 
description of a transaction that has reconciled splits ?

> I need to file a bug
> report on that.

> Fonts and icons are different - due to gtk3 - and not
> necessarily to my liking. I had customised .gtkrc-2.0.gnucash a bit and of
> course this does not work any more. Unfortunately I did not figure out how
> to customise gtk3 on MacOS. Any help would be appreciated

I have updated the relevant FAQ entry:

> Besides the nitpicks above it looks pretty good. Thanks for all the good
> work!

Thanks! I'm happy the overall result is satisfactory as the gtk update was 
unplanned and pretty late in the development cycle.


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