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Adrien Monteleone adrien.monteleone at lusfiber.net
Thu May 10 19:25:34 EDT 2018


There is already a Flatpak and a Snap available, but it looks like both are still at 2.6.x


I don’t see a size on the Flatpak, but the Snap is a tad under 111MB.

Interestingly, the .dmg went from ≈112MB to ≈184MB and the .exe went from ≈120MB down to ≈94MB from 2.6.21 to 3.1.


> On May 10, 2018, at 4:42 PM, cicko <alen.siljak at gmx.com> wrote:
> I just learned a bit more about application packages (AppImage, Snap,
> Flatpak) on Linux after downloading KeePassXC image and find them quite
> convenient. 
> Nabble does not find anything if I search for AppImage so I'd like to see
> you opinion about using one of these for distributing Linux version of
> GnuCash. I've only used AppImage so far and it works fine. Apparently it
> would work on any distribution because all the libraries are packaged with
> the executable.
> If this was applied to GnuCash, would the distribution size be much larger?
> Has anyone tried?
> Even though I'm on Tumbleweed, a rolling OpenSuse distribution with the
> apparently latest software, GnuCash 3.1 is still not available as a
> compatible rpm. Somehow, the distribution of software for Windows still has
> the upper hand in terms of being easy and simple. At least for the end
> users.
> Having an AppImage of the latest GnuCash would, I guess, enable all Linux
> users to have the latest binary version without needing to build it
> themselves and/or depending on multitude of development tools and libraries.
> Is there anything preventing building and packaging the latest (either
> stable or nightly) version of GnuCash in this way? Have you thought about it
> before? Have you tried it already? What were the findings?
> Cheers
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