[GNC-dev] AppImage

cicko alen.siljak at gmx.com
Fri May 11 04:04:11 EDT 2018

John Ralls-2 wrote
> None of the core devs have had time to look into application bundles for
> Linux. Since the Windows and Mac bundles also have pretty much all of the
> dependency libraries and associated data in them I imagine that a Flatpack
> or similar would run to about the same size, 120-180MB. 

Great. I've opened a request / discussion thread at

I think this might be a convenient option as quite a few users have
mentioned that they can't find a current version of GnuCash in their
distribution repositories and need to build it themselves. While I have
nothing against building software, I find it unnecessary for an ordinary
user to download development tools and libraries. Especially now that a few
technologies exist to allow convenient binary packages. In any case, the
topic is open. Let's see if we can get something rolling automatically.

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