[GNC-dev] Possible bug in Tax Schedule Report?

Clint Redwood clint at screwtape.co.uk
Sun May 27 13:39:43 EDT 2018


I’ve been doing my taxes and have found a potential issue with the report. When calculating the transactions on an asset account, it appears to take the opening balance as at the opening of Report-Start-Date minus 1 day, and then process all the transactions during the reporting period, thus giving the final balance on the closing date. 

However, if there are any transactions on RSD-1, these are ignored, so the opening balance is prior to these transactions (which is what I think is wrong) and then the correct transactions are processed, and you are left with the ending balance being out by the value of the RSD-1 transactions.

So if you have transactions in an account:

Date		Desc			Value	Balance
31/08/2016	Pay Someone		1000	9000
01/09/2016	Pay Someone Else	500	8500
31/08/2017	Pay Another Person	300	8200

and run the report for 01/09/2016 to 31/08/2017, the result is:

opening balance (31/08/2016) 10000
Pay Someone Else 500
Pay Another Person 300
closing balance (31/08/2017) 9200

whereas it should open at 9000 and close at 8200.

I’m using GnuCash 2.6.19 on MacOS (This copy was built from rev c1b5e6c8d+ on 2017-12-17.) 

Is this a bug, or am I using the report wrongly? 



Clint Redwood 

Screwtape Limited, Registered 06663232, Babington House, 26 College Road, Chilwell, Nottingham NG9 4AS

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