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On September 13, 2018, at 1:31 AM, David Cousens <davidcousens at bigpond.com> wrote:

>> <aside>I tried to retain ch_accts.xml and ch_txns.xml in gnucash-guide.xml and simply edit the three files so that
>> they became parts of a single chapter, but this resulted in mysterious “Failure to process entity chapter2” errors
>> that I was entirely unable to edit away, except by copying the content of those two files directly into ch_basics.xml.
>> So much for the “Use separate files and link them in docbook” approach.</aside>
>You would have to declare new entities for the files you wished to include in ch-basics within ch-basics put &<entity-
>name> statements in ch-basics 

What I did was leave the entity definitions for ch_accts.xml and ch_txns.xml in gnucash-guide.xml, relabel them as chapter2a and chapter2b. I added entity statements for ch_importing.xml and ch_configuring.xml as chapter3 and chapter4. I added the new entities in the main compiling section of gnucash-guide.xml around line 497 or so.

>then remove the <chapter> and <title> tags and contents at the chapter level in each of

Did this as well (actually, I changed the chapter tags till sect1, and added one to each successive sect, which is pretty much the same thing). Spent an hour trying to locate any errors in tagging that might have resulted in the parsing error, decided to try the monolithic file approach. When I pasted the sections into one file, xmllint stopped throwing errors (meaning that the tagging was actually correct).

>those files as well as removing the @entity statements and any !Entity definitions for the chapters you removed from
>gnucash-guide.xml. After removing the chapter and associated tags the included files will also have to fit into the
>defined structure for a chapter as defined by https://tdg.docbook.org/tdg/5.0/chapter.html. That error usually indicates
>a formatting problem with the tags in an included entity. Preceding error messages usually definine exactly where. The
>altered files would of course have to be shifted from the Help directory to the guide directory and references in the
>gnucash-help.xml removed
>For your info I recently made changes to the import matcher code( Bug796778 to enable multiple selection of transactions
>and assignement of a single destination account to them). I was looking for the appropriate place to document them in
>the transactions section of the help manual and discovered that the importing had not been documented so I had nowhere
>to put the changes into. 
>I started to prepare a change to the Help manual -Transactions chapter 6 covering importing from OFX/QFX, CSV, and QIF 
>including the changes to the import matcher, which is nearly complete and fitted in before the stub that is there for
>online actions. As yet I haven't raised a documentation bug about that
>If you haven't started writing the importing section, I could feed what I have done so far to you for incorporation as

I am open to any modality on this. My fork of the documentation on github has a stub file for importing in the Guide. It currently has the text from Help on importing qif files, but will ideally include all the other pieces as well.

David T.

>you like. If the transactions chapter is going into the guide, it may be better to wait until you have shifted it and
>then insert it into the new Guide at an appropriate place rather than pull it into the current master.If I do that I
>think you would have to rebase to the current master to include my changes before committing your own chnages.
>John ralls may be able to advise us as to the best strategy.
>David Cousens 
>> My PR will have two new files to add to the repo, and ideally should have two files to remove from the repo, and I am
>> unsure how to account for either circumstance.
>> Advice?
>> David
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