[GNC-dev] Documentation update problems

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Thu Sep 20 19:16:51 EDT 2018


I think it is better to leave packaging apps to specialists rather than the
general user. Using flatpak and snap can be better addressed on the
Installation page rather than a building page which also addresses using ,
Software Mmanager and installation of the version supported by the
particular distribution version.

I was thinking more of a few notes that people ouside the GnuCash developer
user group might pick up on to remind them to compile with all options and
setup access to the operating system utilities where needed, preferrably as
part of the app setup rather than a post configuration. I don't know enough
about flatchat or snap to know if it is possible to do that but I would
expect it to be possible

The current building page is linked in from the Installation page as an if
all else fails try building option (not quite in those terms).


David Cousens
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