[GNC-dev] webkitgtk

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Wed Sep 26 09:52:33 EDT 2018

> On Sep 26, 2018, at 12:38 AM, cicko <alen.siljak at gmx.com> wrote:
> Ah, that's from the period before I was born, then. :)
> Thanks for the pointers! I found out some of that in the course of the
> night. These packages are installed but the trick is that pywebview does not
> (yet) support WebKit2. In the meantime, I'll be using the Qt5 version.
> The more I learn about the options available, the more I wish GnuCash was
> moving to Python, not C++. :)
> It seems that Qt5 UI can be packaged for Android. And pywebview might also
> work as a client (with Flask server).

No, pywebview will never support WebKit2Gtk because WebKit2Gtk is Gtk3 only and pywebview, like pygtk, is Gtk2-only. You need to rewrite your whole application for Gtk3 using pygobject.

John Ralls

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