[GNC-dev] webkitgtk

cicko alen.siljak at gmx.com
Wed Sep 26 10:03:31 EDT 2018

John Ralls-2 wrote
> No, pywebview will never support WebKit2Gtk because WebKit2Gtk is Gtk3
> only and pywebview, like pygtk, is Gtk2-only. You need to rewrite your
> whole application for Gtk3 using pygobject.

You may well be right but do check out this branch:

Yesterday my time limit for investigation expired before getting to it so I
might continue with this on the weekend. Qt5 version, however, works fine so
I might as well not spend additional time on it. The browser window opens
from Python code, which is good enough for me. 
On Windows, the example with running Flask in a separate thread and
connecting to it from the client works fine. If the same happens on Linux
and Android, then I might as well proceed in that direction.

Thanks for the comments.

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