[GNC-dev] Import Main Matcher

Frank H. Ellenberger frank.h.ellenberger at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 03:01:51 EDT 2019


from help:

>2.1.1. GnuCash Tutorial and Concepts Guide
>This guide is the counterpart to this help. It explains the concepts used in GnuCash and has a tutorial that takes you through using GnuCash to manage your accounts.

and guide:
>1.4.1. Context Help
> The context help provides detailed instructions for using GnuCash's menus, windows, and controls.

The mistake of mixing this happned IMHO in Bug 796855 -  Bringing
Chapter 3 of Help into Chapter 2 of Guide
That mentions a discussion on devel, which is not linked there.
IIRC there is a bunch of bugs, where none of use including me obeyed
above classification.

The duplication of the chapter happened in the following way:
While Geert fixed the broken links of David T.s "move chapter", I
applied your Bug 796856 - Help Ch6 section added for importing from
files. When Geert applied David T.s & his work, your improvement
disappered and in a quickfix - we were short before a release.- I
reset the chapter to your version. So we got
Help: old import chapter + David Cousen patches
Guide: old import chapter + David T. patches

Am Fr., 16. Aug. 2019 um 05:12 Uhr schrieb David Cousens
<davidcousens at bigpond.com>:
> Frank,
> One difficulty I have is in separating the interface description from the
> operational use of it in the case of the import matcher and the import
> process generally.

IMHO the textual putty between the GUI elements (if you press button A
window B will appear...) still belongs into the manual. The Tutorial
could go through an example session and the Guide could mention it
describing, how to reach higher targets.

> Geert did a good job of incorporating the essentials in
> the popup help dialog in the interface and making it largely self
> documented, that it becomes almost superfluous to describe the interface
> separately,

Yeah, funny thing to have this separate mini help.
In theory one could move the whole help back into the code, but that
would have other drawbacks.

> but there are always those to whom the help button is invisible.
> I will give it a go though.
> David


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