[GNC-dev] Import Main Matcher

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Fri Aug 16 03:33:13 EDT 2019

Hi Frank,

I created a stripped OFX import file from one of my bank accounts OFX files
and created an version with a few transactions edited  and several deleted I
now have a series of screenshots of the import matcher after importing the
shortened file and then importing the full file so I can do a blow by blow
description of importing a file and matching it for the guide . I can do the
OFX and CSV sections and then the import matcher but I only have a small QIF
test file. I have shots of the register before during and after import. It
may be overkill so I'll see what it looks like

For the help manual I'll just put in a screenshot of each gui and explain
the buttons, check boxes and editing controls. 


David Cousens
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