[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3 on Linux

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 23 16:36:11 EST 2019

On 05/06/2018 13:53, Chris Good wrote:
> Hi,

Hello, Chris

> I'm working on my BackupGnuCash stand-alone app.
> I have 2 questions today:

and weep at how bad things have become

The last time i addressed this our idiots in charge were so recalcitrant 
about even considering they'd done a stupid thing I stopped reading the 
gnc lists.

I am glad you, someone I respect, have raised it again.

> 1.
> I'm a little uncertain about where the saved reports and metadata files are
> in GnuCash 3.0 for Linux.

unfortunately the people that think they know better decided to put them 
where Micrsosoft, etc thought best.  That means it changes at a whim, I 
am angry about this and they don't care.

I cannot make a backup policy for my charitable organizations because 
our cleverer-than-thou FUCKWIT seniors just put stuff where they think 
MS or Linux policy suggests they should go and never actually think for 

The files should belong to the book and be closely associated with them.

Our FUCKWITS IN CHARGE decided that the metadata belonged with the user 
not the book, that makes no fucking sense for an accounting file, they 
changed it anyway, grrrrr

> I suspect they are by default:
> ~/.local/share/gnucash/saved-reports-2.4
> ~/.local/share/gnucash/books/[BOOK].gnucash.gcm
> unless overridden by XDG_DATA_HOME.

except you can't rely on those those locations.

See the problem now?

> Can some-one please confirm?

Only thing I can confirm is I don't know where anything is.

> 2.
> I tried to get version 3 on Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) running to test myself.

that's the easy bit :)

> Thanks in advance,

Waves back.

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