[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3 on Linux

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 23 18:01:32 EST 2019

On 23/02/2019 21:52, Colin Law wrote:
> I cannot understand why you keep using this software since it is so
> obviously horribly flawed and you have such a low opinion of the
> developers.
> I am sure you would be a much happier person if you used one of the
> many alternatives that are conveniently available.
> Surely anyone who keeps using it is just encouraging these ne'r do
> well developers to carry on in their recalcitrant ways and you really
> owe it to yourself to stop using it in order to show how disgusted you
> are.  That'll show the F***Ts won't it.
> Colin

Dear Colin, I think you have actually said something stupid.

Let's fight.

You'll lose because you are wrong.


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