[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3 on Linux

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 23 18:27:15 EST 2019

On 23/02/2019 21:52, Colin Law wrote:
> I cannot understand why you keep using this software since it is so
> obviously horribly flawed and you have such a low opinion of the
> developers.
> I am sure you would be a much happier person if you used one of the
> many alternatives that are conveniently available.
> Surely anyone who keeps using it is just encouraging these ne'r do
> well developers to carry on in their recalcitrant ways and you really
> owe it to yourself to stop using it in order to show how disgusted you
> are.  That'll show the F***Ts won't it.

Let's examine your inability to say fuck and how that affects your 

You can check real sources (I don't do fake news, and you appear to be 
Trump fodder) or take it from me that people that swear or otherwise 
express themselves are generally happier than those that don't.

You, Colin Law, appear to be the sort of person that would lie or cover 
up something if you saw it, I'm the other sort of person.

That is why I like gnc, why do you use it?

You, Colin Law, seem to be the sort of person that votes for Trump 
because you aren't bothered if a black women gets shot.

There aren't that many people like you out there, Colin Law, and you 
should let this community know which side you are on.

There are, in truth, very few developers and they are diminishing.  It 
is possible the project could die.

My data is safe because I understand accounting and can move on. Can you 
Colin Law?


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