[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3 on Linux

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 07:24:48 EST 2019

On 24/02/2019 03:44, Adrien Monteleone wrote:
> One might want the same configuration in many respects and the same options on various reports to be ’saved’ (since there is no other way to accomplish this task) as user configured defaults to be useful across various books.
> Some people have separate files for many entities and they shouldn’t have to re-create all of that work for each one. You might always want to roll up child totals to the parent or not show zero balance accounts for example, regardless of the entity you are running reports for. Your accountant might always want to see reports following a certain format, different from the GnuCash defaults, regardless of the entity.
> But I also see the case where multiple users might access the same data file and you’d want them all to have the same configuration for the book options and a standard set of reports to be able to run.
> Certainly, there is room for improvement for a multi-user environment. (which GnuCash does not officially support at present from my understanding)
> Perhaps the user environment itself should be an option which would determine where the various configurations are stored. (or more likely, how they are stored, as they should probably all be located *with* the data file, though not necessarily a part of it.)
> Another option, specific to reports would be the ability to create a ‘custom default’ set of options. This would allow the creation of new books without having to 'remake the wheel’. (I understand ‘custom default’ may sound absurd to some, but think of this more like a ’template’.)

I think I understand "custom default" and it is not absurd.  You are (I 
think) saying that a book / file / set of transactions / whatever should 
be associated with the reports that are particular to it.

I also accept what you say about duplicating a configuration.  That 
should just be a process of finding the right files, copying them to a 
new place and ... begin!

We can't do that at the moment because someone decided to hide the 
important bits relative to a file and put them in a place that will be 
different for *every* person on *every* computer.

If I was a conspiracy theorist I'd say someone at gnc HQ was not acting 
in the interest of the people.


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