[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3 on Linux

Wm wm_o_o_o at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 08:20:11 EST 2019

On 24/02/2019 10:45, David T. via gnucash-devel wrote:
> Adrien,
> Using configuration files as a mechanism for working around the significant shortcomings of the reports ecosystem in Gnucash is tortured logic, at best. To be clear, I understand the challenges facing the team-- as well as accept that I am unable to effect change in these areas.  Nevertheless, I am disinclined to paper over these shortcomings by accepting such workarounds.
> Furthermore, as I understand it, saved reports use the GUID of an account to refer to them, so any attempts at using a saved report from one file in another is likely doomed to fail.

Yup.  The transference is a specious argument.  Whoever thought it was a 
good idea was, quite simply wrong, or, at the very least, doesn't or 
didn't understand how gnc's reports work.

> Or perhaps you're talking about settings associated with the standard reports? I profess I do not know how settings for these are stored-- although the fact that they are not stored with the actual saved reports (like the saved reports themselves) simply underscores the piecemeal mechanisms used for the reports.

I've no clue about this future mechanism, I want the existing one to work.
> Your points about multiple user access are a red herring.  Since Gnucash doesn't support multiple users, there's no point in speculating on how we might circumvent this limitation.

Yay, David.T gets my vote!

I have a lot of ideas about gnc being multiuser but I'm not suggesting 
they break what we have.

> Gnucash does, however, support one user having multiple data files, and in this case, a user opening file B will see all the (useless) saved reports for file A.


> Finally, the points originally raised regarding the scattershot storage of data that are integral to a set of books (whether reports, settings, or other data) remain.

Get elected, David! :)


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