[GNC-dev] GnuCash 3 on Linux

Geert Janssens geert.gnucash at kobaltwit.be
Tue Feb 26 08:53:54 EST 2019

Op dinsdag 26 februari 2019 14:18:42 CET schreef David Cousens:
> Hi Geert
> Thanks for the corrections. I'll make those that are labels and not
> environment variables black to indicate that.  I've now indicated what are
> environment Variables but I'm hoping that doesn't imply they should
> necessarily be editable. I've put do not edit notes against the HOME
> variables.  I haven't mentioned XDG_DATA_HOME and XDG_CONFIG_HOME in the
> diagrams. I am intending readers to go to the text explanations for more
> detail where required.
> David

Very good. I agree XDG_* is for advanced use.



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