[GNC-dev] Building 3.4 on Mint 18.3

Jacob Larsen jacob at larsen.net
Wed Feb 27 18:28:51 EST 2019

Thanks, I missed the specific installation page and just tried to 
install from the generic dependency page, trying to guess the actual 
package names. I had missed a few, but it looks like that was not the 
issue though.

Turns out that I had to switch from the nouveau graphics driver to the 
proprietary driver, and now it works. So while the updated dependencies 
might be required for other things, they were not actually my issue, but 
it seems a broken graphics driver. Which is not broken with the stock 
gnucash 2.6 that comes with Mint 19.1 Mate.

Something I probably should have seen sooner given that a complete 
system freeze normally points to something in kernel space


On 27/02/2019 00.38, David Cousens wrote:
> Jacob,
> The reports use Scheme which is implemented in the Guile libraries so they
> are a likely candidate.
> The dependencies for V3 are listed
> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Dependencies which is a breakout from the
> general instructions for building at  https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building
> and the Linux instructions at
> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Building#Building_on_Linux_Distributions.
> Installation of the dependencies is described
> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Installing_Dependencies. These instructions
> were originally formulated on Linux Mint 18.3/Ubuntu 16.04 with v 2.6 but
> have been updated for V3 and also for Linux Mint 19.1/Ubuntu 18.04 but have
> also been used for Ubuntu 18.10 as well.
> Check the Guile library version you have installed. The Cmake command should
> be checking this and stopping if the required library versions are not
> present.
> David Cousens
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