[GNC-dev] Building gnucash (maint) with aqbanking6 (master)?

John Ralls jralls at ceridwen.us
Sun Jun 30 11:49:34 EDT 2019

> On Jun 30, 2019, at 1:55 AM, Christian Stimming <christian at cstimming.de> wrote:
> Dear John,
> I'm using gnucash with aqbanking on a daily basis, but have been lagging 
> behing in the versions that I'm running. Recently I reserved some time again 
> to update my compiled versions. However, I was unable to compile gnucash with 
> aqbanking's master version from git. I keep running into errors that seem like 
> nobody has recently tried to actually compile this (such as, wrong function 
> spellings like AV_AccountSpec_List_GetCount instead of 
> AB_AccountSpec_List_GetCount in assistant-ab-initial.c:355).
> Have you been able to compile gnucash with aqbanking master recently? If yes, 
> how did you do this? Thanks for any hint!


No, why would I? Master branches are for people developing the library, and I have my hands more than full without adding AQBanking to my list of projects.

However, Martin provided a patch a couple of months ago that's supposed to get GnuCash ready for AQB6. If he fired it off blind and it's no good, well I guess shame on me for trusting him.

I see that you pushed a couple of commits in the last couple of hours fixing some of it. Does it now build and work?

John Ralls

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