[GNC-dev] About the "$HOME/.local" installation prefix

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Fri May 3 08:19:12 EDT 2019


Agree with all the points you and david Carlson made.  I had expected and
guessed that the GnuCashbuild  configured its search directories for
resources from the cmake install prefix, but hadn't actually checked it out
to be sure.

The problem as I see it is recommending a setup for a novice or
inexperienced user new to building and installing who may or may not have
admin privileges to use that will allow them to install and uninstall fairly
easily even when they no longer have the build directory and access to the
make uninstall. Even with a little bit of development experience you can
usually work it out for yourself.

A user who is primarily interested in just using Gnucash and doesn't want to
know about the nitty gritty of development per se but wants to be using the
most up to date version, on the other hand, will get frustrated if every
time he has to update, he has to figure out what went where and how to get
rid of it. 

I'll rework the Wiki page to use a non hidden directory with a gnucash
specific subdirectory as an install point in the example rather than
$HOME/.local  and just add notes to the effect that this directory can be
hidden if desired by prefixing it with a dot. Then a simple  rm -rf can be
used easily. I'll also add some notes about setting up aliases to start it
up. That should cover the user new to building from source.

Then anyone who wants a more sophisticated setup can roll their own.

David Cousens

David Cousens
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