[GNC-dev] automated tech for setup of builds + HELLO

Stephen M. Butler kg7je at arrl.net
Fri May 10 12:39:55 EDT 2019

On 5/10/19 5:06 AM, Dale Phurrough via gnucash-devel wrote:
> Hi. I'm Dale and introducing myself + an inquiry.
> I migrated Quicken->Gnucash 3.5 in April. I chose GnuCash so that I can
> contribute.
> ===Inquiry
> *Where is the standard automated setup and build process for gnucash app
> and docs?*

Welcome aboard Dale.  I'm Steve.  Former Oracle DBA and the last decade
as an IT Software development manager.  However, my programming
languages are old school.  I'm not retired.

> One of the issues I encountered is a doc issue. To resolve, I need to
> edit/build gnucash docs. I also read recently on this mailing list someone
> trying to get a dev build environment setup. And what happens when all the
> devs currently compiling official releases on GnuCash die...what is the
> project continuance? These are common problems likely with a shared
> solution using technology like containers/Docker.

I'm trying to build the gnucash-docs debian package for Ubuntu --
Disco.  But I really need someone who understands Java setup (especially
on Disco) and the dpkg_buildpackage environment.


> If there is no such automated setup and build process tech, *I offer to
> create the first two of them*. One to build doc, and one to build an x86_64
> for Ubuntu 14.04. 

I have been working on a script to take a local git clone of gnucash and
gnucash-docs to create a debian package that is usable by most folks in
the debian world but do so from a Ubuntu box.  So far it has taken a lot
of hand-holding.  One of the other members here shared a script to setup
the environment for a local compile.  That can be shared around.  Once
that is done, a local compile and install consists of "cmake ....;
make;  sudo make install"   The options to cmake depend on what you want
to include and the relative location of the source from the directory in
which you do the build.

Building a debian package is only slightly more involved. 

Eventually I'd like a script that can take the source from github and
generate a series of debian packages in a ppa on launchpad.  Interested?

> <<snip>>

> I currently live in Berlin, Germany. Mein Deutsch ist...funktional.
> English-US is my mother tongue.

Mein Deutch ist nien!   Some folks feel my native tongue is COBOL (I
actually prefer PL/SQL and KSH now) but English comes in a close second.


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