[GNC-dev] [GNC] Customer Report versus Receivables Aging

Adrien Monteleone adrien.monteleone at lusfiber.net
Thu Nov 7 00:53:26 EST 2019

I have a client that has frequent pre-payments and their entry in the Aging report shows a negative balance. (I owe them because they have pre-paid)

I’m also using 3.7.

Are you entering pre-payments using the “process payment” function?

If you are simply taking the payment entered as a manual transaction, and later using the ‘apply as payment’ function, then the Aging report won’t see it till you do that. The business features and associated reports aren’t cognizant of manual entries.


> On Nov 6, 2019 w45d310, at 11:00 PM, John Morris <johnjeff at editide.us> wrote:
> Hi All,
>  Having recently upgraded from GnuCash 2.6.something to 3.7, we are
> having trouble with the some of the customer features. Specifically,
> two reports help us see the amounts we are owed and what we owe our
> clients. Those reports are Reports -> Business -> Receiveable Aging
> and Reports -> Business -> Customer Report. The first report gives us
> a handy list of all the clients who have a balance (positive or
> negative). The second report gives us details (invoices and payments)
> about a particular customer and can be accessed from the first report.
>  The problem we are having is that in version 2.6, Receivable Aging
> included all invoices and all payments in its assessment of each
> client's balance. Thus, if a client has overpaid by $100 but that
> payment has not been applied to any invoices, it would show that the
> client had a $100 negative balance. In version 3.7, no payments that
> have not been applied to any invoices are included in the calculations
> for this report. Thus, if a client completely pays all past invoices
> and then sends another check for $100 to be applied to future work,
> that client does not show up in the Receivable Aging report because it
> thinks the client has a zero balance. As soon as I use even one penny
> from that payment to pay an invoice, the entire $100 shows up in the
> report.
>  In contrast, the Customer Report shows all invoices and all payments
> for a particular client, so we know if we owe the client or the client
> owes us. Unfortunately, with over 1,700 customers, this is not a
> practical way to track our receivables.
>  Is there any way around this problem? We don't have many, but we do
> have a few clients who regularly prepay their projects, so it is very
> important for us to know who they are and where we stand with them. If
> there is no way around this new functionality, how else do other
> people keep track of prepaying clients?
> Thanks,
> John

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