[GNC-dev] Mouse usage in Gnucash

David Cousens davidcousens at bigpond.com
Sat Oct 12 23:43:17 EDT 2019

Thanks Tommy,

The gnome developers guide is a useful read in any case apart from the mouse
specific issues. They seem to settle on the primary and secondary
descriptions in one place and then use the left-click right-click etc,
particularly in the glossary
description of user actions. It may be useful to link to this from the wiki
on udpdating the documentation( see below). Perhaps a glossary may be a
useful place to eventually include references/crossreferences  to alternate 

The current docbook glossary is not terribly useful for html documents as it
simply displays a popup with the glossary term in it rather than the
definition part of the glossary entry which would be really useful. That
behavior could be altered by using some custon xslt processing in the build
but I don't have any expertise in that as yet. At present the glossary
exists only in the guide and not the help manual. There is a way of making a
common glossary available in both but it will require some alteration of the
build structure. I am avoiding that at the moment because I think it is more
important to update the documentation in a few areas where there were new
features in V3 and I don't have the expertise in the cmake and xslt
processing to do it easily at the moment.

This section is a pretty good guide to usage in developments and the
organization of GTK3
particularly the table of mouse and keyboard equivalents.

The GDK reference manual refers to Button 1,2,3 with 1 Left 2 Middle and 3
Right but that is more related to  usage in coding than in user

There is no style guide in the Gnome documentation guide sense but there is
the wiki on updating documentation
(https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Documentation_Update_Instructions) but it
doesn't refer to mouse interaction descrptions.

My inclination is to stay with left click, right click  descriptions as for
a two button mouse for the moment. It is probably more important to be
consistent rather than totally compliant with being as general as possible.
I think some general  reference to the GTK3 input-mouse.html document would
be useful as all the intefaces are based on it as well as
https://developer.gnome.org/hig/stable/pointer-and-touch-input.html.en bu
that is problematical as these are external references.

If it is desired to change this a global search and replace can always be
used and much of the current documentation uses a left click, right click


David Cousens
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