[GNC-dev] Fwd: gnucash maint: [new-aging] new receivable/payable aging reports

Christopher Lam christopher.lck at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 03:09:38 EDT 2019

The refactored payable/receivable aging reports have been merged into maint.

Of note:
1. all AP/AR accounts will be shown, each in their own currency. Every
AP/AR account will get its own subtotal.
2. no more 'bad-url' errors which were caused by prepayments which were not
assigned to any invoices. These prepayments are now shown attached to the
customer/vendor, in its own 'Prepayments' column, and added to total.
3. owner address display is disabled. I am not sure of the utility anymore;
we can add again if there is demand.
4. fewer options altogether.

The intention is to replace the old reports, and I am unable to
exhaustively test everything, the new reports will be in experimental
submenu, eventually to replace the old ones.

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